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A sporty outboard model, able to modernize the great Italian tradition of open boats to satisfy even the most demanding ship-owner. Equipped with great load capacity, it combines comfort and strength and is perfect to spend days at sea, with family and friends. The hull is designed with streamlined shapes. Its speedy qualities are surprising, as is its sealing the sea in complete safety, even in extreme conditions. It can be powered by an up to 150HP outboard engine, reaching a maximum speed of 36 knots. HX 200 is characterized by an original and innovative design. The large aluminum rollbar, grip element and support for the windshield, bestows a distinctive touch of strength and toughness. This element acts as a support for the onboard electronics and possibly for an optional T-top cover.


Läng: 6,1 m
Breite: 2,4 m
Gewicht: 1070 kg
Personenkapazität: 8
Reisegeschwindigkeit: 20 kn
Maximale Geschwindigkeit: 36 kn
Max Motor erlaubt: 150 ks
Motor: Mercury 150
Kraftstoffkapazität: 200 l
Wasserkapazität: 50 l

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