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A small Invictus that brings all the character and stylistic authority of the brand. A jewel with high-level habitability and accessories, aimed at the owner who wants a boat with a strong identity and which requires safety and performance, without excluding comfort and luxury. Also in the 200 FX, Invictus has made the utmost commitment to aesthetic and formal research, using high-level materials, paying maximum attention to quality, both overall and in detail, and giving it even more added value in terms of equipment and liveability on board. The hull is sharp and devoted to speed, and shows incredible seakeeping skills in total safety. The 200 FX is proposed as a step forward to become part of the Invictus world because, despite its compact size, it contains everything that an owner who loves taste and contemporary design can desire.


Läng: 6,1 m
Breite:  2,4 m
Gewicht: 1080 kg
Weight: 1070 kg
Personenkapazität: 8
Cruising speed: 20 kn
Maximum speed: 36 kn
Hp max permitted: 150 cv
Fridge (opt.): 42 l
FKraftstoffkapazität: 200 l
Wasserkapazität: 50 l
Motor: Yamaha
Design: Christian Grande
Builder: Cantieri Aschenez

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