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2021-02-11T21:38:02+01:004 февраля, 2021|Custom Line|

FEEL UNIQUE & FREE Design & technology With its sleek lines, spacious deck and deep V hull, the Iguana Original turns heads with its distinctive design while the highly advanced technology makes operation simple and performance agile and dynamic. Multi-purpose boat The Iguana Original is a functional, comfortable


2021-02-11T21:02:59+01:004 февраля, 2021|Custom Line|

LUXURIOUS RIB Performance Rugged, flexible, powerful – the driest, safest ride at sea. Twinned with the operational effectiveness of the Iguana Mobility System (IMS), exploration options really are unlimited. Speed up to 48 kts. Simple to store and easy to launch and maintain. The added convenience of instant


2021-02-11T20:46:34+01:004 февраля, 2021|Custom Line|

PERFECT GUEST EXPERIENCE Protection Being protected from the wind, rain and sea spray is a key element of keeping guests comfortable. Iguanas innovative design is simple, smart and efficient. Neatly stored behind the backrest, the dodger deploys in 4 possible positions and protects the guests in all conditions.

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