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2019-02-08T10:47:57+01:007 марта, 2018|Invictus GT serija|

THE NEW FRONTIER OF DESIGN The GT 280, the first born, has an “half-reverse bow”, sharp and sturdy at the same time. Its pure sides are handled “ad hoc”, with homogeneous transitions from solid to empty, making an exception for the windows and air inlets, made as simple fissures to stress

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2018-09-22T17:30:01+02:007 марта, 2018|Invictus GT serija|

STYLE WITHOUT COMPROMISE 320 GT is the size that lies exactly between the series sisters, 370 GT and 280 GT, combining their predominant characteristics, ideal for those who do not like compromising. It can be equipped with a single engine, such as model 280 GT, but it is also the smallest


2018-03-18T16:39:19+01:007 марта, 2018|Invictus GT serija|

BEYOND THE OUTER REACHES Invictus 370 GT, luxury evolution doesn’t stop. With this model new frontiers of beauty and elegance have been reached. The distinctive element of this hull, carved in the material nearly as natural elements made it, is the GT typical “half reverse”bow. Here refinement and power reach the

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